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December 21, 2006

A Merry Christmas to All Our Readers

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Well, I’m off to stay with my parents for a week, so won’t be blogging for a while. I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Yule/ generic winter-based festival, and I’ll see you for more shoutiness in 2007!

Lucy xx 


December 19, 2006

Final proof that a certain well-known blog has become a hate site:

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  Warning – may be upsetting. (more…)

Feminism in Palestine

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Johann Hari is a brilliant pro-feminist journalist and blogger. Here he describes meeting a group of Palestinian feminists who have managed against the odds to set up a women’s rights group in Gaza City. The testimonies of the women it has helped are inspiring:

“Working at the next machine is Imam, a 39 year old woman who was abandoned by her husband and left to look after her six children alone. “I was stuck in a terrible corner,” she says. “Then I found this place and they gave me training. When I started earning I could leave the humiliation of my mother-in-law’s house and get our own room. Now I look after my own kids in dignity.””

Follow the link to donate to the organisation:

Independent Christmas Appeal 

In other, more bizarre, news, a leading Liberal Democrat politician has left his fiancée for one of the Cheeky Girls. For American readers, this is roughly the equivalent of a senior Democrat hooking up with, say, William Hung of American Idol. Utter weirdness.

December 14, 2006


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Chess star father cleared of rape

I am SO ANGRY. Why are we never believed?

To the ‘journalists’ covering the Ipswich murders…

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  • The victims were over 18. Therefore they are women, not girls. Calling them girls trivialises and infantilises them. If five twentysomething males had been murdered, you would not be calling them ‘boys’.
  • Yes, the women were working as prostitutes, but this should not be their defining quality. They were friends, mothers, daughters, human beings. Please remember this.
  • By referring to the murderer as the ‘ripper’ and his victims as ‘vice girls’, you are deomnstrating that you care more about a good story that the fact that five innocent women have been killed. This is not an episode of ‘Prime Suspect’; it is reality.
  • The women’s hair colour is irrelevant. What next – vital statistics? I know you like to view women as a collection of body parts rather than as people, but have some fucking respect.
  • Tabloid journos: your hypocrisy disgusts me. How dare you promote your hatred of women and then in the same paper ask what kind of man could commit this crime? You view women as less than human; so does this killer.

These murders have brought out the very worst in the British media. The victims deserve so much better.

Honourable exceptions: Catherine Bennett, Diane Taylor, Julie Bindel, Joan Smith.

December 8, 2006

War on Stupidity

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There’s a brilliant article in today’s Guardian about the mythical ‘War on Christmas’ (an American idea that someone seems to have imported here) and why it’s actually a load of bollocks:

 “”We’re not going to have a war, we’re going to have the appearance of a war,” says the cynical spin doctor in David Mamet’s screenplay for the 1997 movie Wag The Dog, about an imaginary conflict created to whip up support for an ailing president. But he might equally have been talking about the 2006 war on Christmas – a war that tells us much about the growing politicisation and sense of entitlement among religious groups in Britain, but which turns out to have been almost entirely invented.”

Why are these people so unsure of themselves, and of their faith, that they have to fabricate attacks on it? I’m an atheist – some might say a militant one. My beliefs – in the importance of science, in gay rights, in the status of women as something other than walking incubators – are attacked all the time by the religious right, but I am sure enough of what I believe to withstand these attacks. It seems that the Christian ‘Anti-PC’ brigade are not that strong.

If you believe that Jesus was the son of God, go ahead and celebrate his birth. Put up a nativity scene, go to church, wish people ‘happy Christmas’. Contrary to what you may think, you will not be arrested by a hastily-assembled police force of left-wing secular liberals (what would they do, anyway? Force you to read the Guardian until you change your ways?). In fact, many of these liberals will be celebrating Christmas along with you. Even I, the evil, amoral atheist, have a Christmas tree in my living room.

So, to conlude, get over yourselves. There is no War on Christmas (the capital letters seem to be obligatory); no sinister cabal of lefties and Muslims waiting to pounce and confiscate your nativity scene. Your beliefs are as respected as those of any other religion. Now, if you could do me the courtesy of respecting my beliefs…

I’m Still Alive

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Sorry for lack of posts – have been ill (nothing serious, just a mild flu-type thing) and been busy with various things. Will post as soon as inspiration strikes!

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