The Shouty Woman

November 17, 2006


Filed under: Feminism — by Lucy @ 9:22 pm

‘Disgruntled NW1 Feminist’, who brightened up my evening commute by sticking post-its with feminist comments on a series of lipstick adverts all the way up an escalator at Bond Street tube station…

You’re my new hero, whoever you are.

I just wish I’d taken some pictures of the ‘doctored’ adverts!



  1. I have a soft spot for people who can (-cleverly-) deface subway ads. Particularly the more noxious ones, but just in general: some days the sheer inescapability of BUY THIS! WATCH THAT!! everywhere you turn makes me really cranky.

    Comment by belledame222 — November 19, 2006 @ 1:21 am |Reply

  2. Exactly. It’s the kind of thing I wish I had the courage to do myself.

    Comment by Lucy — November 19, 2006 @ 6:02 pm |Reply

  3. what was she writing?

    Comment by fannyblood — November 24, 2006 @ 9:09 am |Reply

  4. Just comments about how the beauty industry survives by making women feel crap about themselves etc. This is why I wish I’d taken photographs…

    Comment by Lucy — November 28, 2006 @ 2:21 pm |Reply

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