The Shouty Woman

June 2, 2006


Filed under: Feminism — by Lucy @ 2:48 pm

To the fuckers who found my site by searching for 'videoed rape' and 'woman reduced to torso' (no, I don't want to think about what the last one means)…

You know what you can do? Fuck off and die. 



  1. I’m also very disturbed by the search terms people have used to reach my blog. They are not ones I care to repeat.

    Good thing is, with so many budding feminists blogging, there are more and more feminist blogs topping search engine results.

    Comment by Feminist First — June 2, 2006 @ 5:14 pm |Reply

  2. I get those search results too. It’s sick. I file them all under ‘fuck off and die and go straight to hell’.

    Comment by laurelin — June 5, 2006 @ 7:12 am |Reply

  3. feminism should go straight to hell it’s not even better than such fucking stupid search results or terms, whatever.

    Comment by EmoNerdNO.1 — June 5, 2006 @ 9:45 am |Reply

  4. Such wit and sophistication! Oscar Wilde must be spinning in his grave.

    Comment by Lucy — June 5, 2006 @ 12:56 pm |Reply

  5. Hmmm, I believe that is a U Whoredykebitchprude Troll. The bad grammar and nonsense argument gives it away.

    I’m going to do a tally of the different types of Troll I get I think 😉

    Comment by laurelin — June 6, 2006 @ 9:45 am |Reply

  6. Whatever it is, it’s not too bright.

    Comment by Lucy — June 7, 2006 @ 1:06 pm |Reply

  7. “Videod rape” ! Recently there was a woman raped in the men’s toilet of a Pub i go to. The dog cock sucking wankers videod it with a mobile phone. For once they actually caught them!, but i don’t know anything about the outcome as of yet. As usual these stories enrage me to a point of wanting to rip rapists heads off. Anyway seeing some toss pot searching the internet for “videod rape” just brings it home that, huMAN brutaity is alive and kicking.

    Comment by anna — June 7, 2006 @ 2:39 pm |Reply

  8. How appalling – I hope they get sent down for a long time, although with our justice system I’m not holding my breath.

    That wasn’t even the worst search term I found – there is a really sickening number of people out there looking for child porn. I hate the idea that those bastards might have been on my site, even for a few seconds.

    Comment by Lucy — June 7, 2006 @ 2:47 pm |Reply

  9. I worked as a counsellor for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, so you can imagine what it does for my anger levels when i hear of men searching for images of abused kids.
    I do a little bit of work in a organic herbal gardens, and today i noticed a plant called Paedofilliam (rough spelling) it’s used for Testicular cancer…Mmmmmm interesting since most of these names are Latin Paeo=testicals?

    Comment by anna — June 7, 2006 @ 2:57 pm |Reply

  10. ‘Paedo’ is a Latinised spelling of the Greek ‘paidos’ which means ‘child’.

    Comment by laurelin — June 7, 2006 @ 4:17 pm |Reply

  11. Oh no i didn’t explain my self properly.
    I know Paeo is latin for child, i was just interested that the plant (Paedofilliam) and the connection with Paedo and testicals. As in creature with testicals = Paedo!

    Comment by anna — June 7, 2006 @ 4:23 pm |Reply

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