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April 21, 2006

Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?!

Filed under: Feminism — by Lucy @ 10:06 pm

If you have a daughter, or want one, what would your wish for her be? Happiness? Love? The chance to live life to the full, to develop her skills and talents? Well, no, if you're one of that strange breed, the American fundy nutjob. If a girl's unlucky enough to end up with one of these types as her daddy, the best she can hope for is this freakery. Yep, it's the world's most sinister piece of jewllery: 

"You then explain to the child that you will hold the key to her precious heart until the day of her wedding. On that day, you will give her away like at all weddings, BUT in doing so you will also "give away" the key to her heart to her now husband. The key and lock are actually functional and your son-in-law will place the key in the heart to open it".

So let me get this straight. As a woman your heart, meaning I suppose your sexuality, isn't your own. It's a thing, a commodity, to be traded between male owners. Don't think of exploring it at your own pace, little girl – it's not yours to explore, and Daddy will be angry if he has to pass on damaged goods.

Aside from the genuinely sinister paedophilic overtones, this is wrong on an infinite number of levels. What message are these men giving their daughters? And is it better or worse than the message the parents of these little girls are passing on? As usual Twisty says it better than I ever could, but that doesn't stop me from trying. In what sick, warped universe is this acceptable? Are we so bored with seeing women as sex toys that we have to see prepubescent girls as sex toys too? This may not be child pornography in the strictest sense, but it's pretty damn close; in any case, porn or not, these kids are growing up thinking that their bodies are public property. It may be horribly old-fashioned, but childhood innocence has a lot to recommend it, and sadly it seems to be in short supply.

Any future daughters of mine are going to have the same kind of childhood I had. They'll have the freedom to be people, not prisoners of their sexuality. Their bodies will not be commodities to be bought, photographed and sold for the gratification of others. And their 'hearts' will be their own, to keep or give away as they choose. 




  1. How horrendous, I’d like to think that no father in his right mind would ever dream of buying one of these, but unfortunately I’d be wrong. And this is also why, if I get married (and that’ll be marriage under my terms, defined by me, based on equality) there is no way in hell I’d be ‘given away’ by my father.

    Comment by laura — April 25, 2006 @ 1:34 pm |Reply

  2. I know, it’s terrifying. The fact they’re being made at all suggests there must be a market for them out there. Thank god my own dad would rather have cut his own head off than go anywhere near something so creepy and hideous…

    Comment by Lucy — April 25, 2006 @ 1:58 pm |Reply

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