The Shouty Woman

March 21, 2006

God needs some better spokesmen

Filed under: Feminism,Politics — by Lucy @ 2:21 pm

Well, I’m back after a few days away from the computer – I spent the weekend with my best friend, who’s currently deciding how best to tell his mum that he’s gay. I can’t begin to imagine what he’s going through, and anything I say just seems hopelessly inadequate. I’m just praying (to what I don’t know, as I’m an atheist…) that his mum sees sense and doesn’t reject him. All of you arseholes out there who think being gay is a ‘choice’ – rationalise this. If it’s a choice, why would anyone choose to be rejected by their own mother?

I’m not a fan of organised religion generally, but those godbags (to use a Twistyism) who think that people like my friend are going to hell, or that contraception is evil, or that a cluster of cells smaller than a fingernail is somehow a ‘baby’ and should have more rights than the woman who’s incubating it, really make me want to kill something. Preferably a fundementalist preacher.

I seem to spend my life at the moment alternating between anger and fear. These people make me angry, but I’m also terrified by their steady gaining of real power. We’re OK here for now (unless Blair has a Damascene conversion from his current woolly brand of xtianity), but a cartel of nutters seems hell-bent on turning America into a real-life, correct-in-every-detail version of The Handmaid’s Tale. If so, God (ha!) help the people like my friend. Coming out may be tough, but I’ll bet it’s a million times worse not even to have the choice.  





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