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March 16, 2006

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Filed under: Feminism — by Lucy @ 1:34 pm

Mind the Gap has an interesting post about the new Home Office camapign to encourage men to get consent before having sex. You think this would be a simple matter of asking ‘do you want to have sex?’ (or not having sex with someone who is clearly unable to give consent), but apparently for some men this is just too difficult.

For the sheer fuckwittery of some (most?) people’s recation to this idea, see this thread at Warning – prepare for your blood pressure to go through the roof as you marvel at the ignorance of these people. The main strands of ‘argument’ seem to be:

  • well, women take advantage of men too!
  • it’s all the fault of the stupid drunken bitches women, for getting so pissed that men can’t help but rape them
  • hey, if there was no rape we’d be living in a utopia!

Great – so it’s all our fault, and even if it isn’t we should just learn to live with it because rape’s part of our society. Well, sod that – if there’s something wrong with your society you try and change it, you don’t passively accept it.

So the upshot is I was really pleased to hear about the Home Office’s camapign. Even if the emphasis is on ‘avoid being falsely accused of rape’ rather than ‘don’t rape women because it’s wrong’, it has to be a step in the right direction. I agree with Winter’s concerns about the posters though – there is something very creepy about the use of the word ‘enter’, and the picture is dreadful. Still, we’ve got to take what we can get I suppose, and at least the government seems to be taking the issue more seriously. If they’d design some better posters they’d be halfway there…


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